The New (Matrix) Method of Economic Analysis

Centre for Policy Research, Bangladesh (CPR, Bangladesh) and The IIC – Innovation & Innovator Cell at Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET) and Bangladesh Economic Association (BEA) and Human Development Research Centre (HDRC) engaged for development and utilization of the “New (Matrix) Method of Economic Analysis” in the developing world on November 16, 2017 through a Joint Venture (JV) & License Agreement that will help to senior level management, policy makers (intellectual property, economics and others) to remove the steady weakness in most of the researches process management  in the developing world.

The “New (Matrix) Method of Economic Analysis” will be developed and utilized by the regulations for using the Collective Mark of CPR, Bangladesh and the framework of the cooperation  of The IIC – Innovation & Innovator at KUET, Bangladesh Economic Association and Human Development Research Centre.

The New (Matrix) Method of Economic Analysis is also an another important intellectual property (IP) technology transfer of CPR, Bangladesh.