The key activities of CPR, Bangladesh

The Centre has developed the Collective Mark (No. 202156) for commercial and industrial exploitation IP assets  of the CPR, Bangladesh.

The Collective Mark is used only by License or Franchise Parties and Strategic Partners of CPR, Bangladesh at nation and international level. The key activities of CPR, Bangladesh:

CPR, Bangladesh activities to disseminate national innovations through the kinds of actions:

● Support to Applied Research ● Support to Innovation ● Support to Technology Transfer ● Support to Innovation Management ● Support to Technology Licensing.

The Centre also started out the following concepts in transferring skills into various stakeholders of Bangladesh:

  • Support to develop National Industrial Policy, Education Policy, Financial Policy, Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy, Intellectual Property (IP) Policy and other national development Policy of Bangladesh.
  • Support to develop ‘Innovation and Technology Transfer Policy and Strategy: Bangladesh’