Centre for Policy Research, Bangladesh is the Exchange Partner of UN in Bangladesh
Oct 18, 2016
Centre for Policy Research, Bangladesh (CPR, Bangladesh) is the Exchange Partner of UN in Bangladesh since on 18th October 2016. Now, any organization of Bangladesh...


Technology transfer is the process of transferring scientific findings from one organization to another for the purpose of further development and its commercialization and industrialization. The goals of technology transfer of ‘Centre for Policy Research, Bangladesh':

  • Disseminate knowledge at public policy, process and strategy development.
  • Support to develop national innovations and inventions management and its commercialization, industrialization and internationalization at national and international level.
  • Support to develop the innovations at developing countries and helping them to create an ‘Innovative Industrial Environment’.

Recently, the below technology transfers have been made by the Centre for Policy Research, Bangladesh:

 cprb The Innovation & Innovator Cell (IIC) development under Public-Private Partnership
 cprb The New (Matrix) Method of Economic Analysis