Managing Partner

NM Mr. Nur Muhammad, MP has had a distinguished professional career as a civil servant of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) over a span of 34 years.

He started his professional career in the Bangladesh Civil Service in the Police Cadre in 1982 and was at the top 2% of the successful candidates in the nationwide Superior Service Examination. He began his career as an Assistant Superintendent of Police and soon was recognized by all around as an outstanding Police Officer.

He rose to become the Inspector General of Police (IGP),  the highest position in the Police Cadre. He served the Police cadre with distinction. Besides, he served as a proud member of the Bangladesh contingent in the UN Peacekeeping Missions abroad.

He was made the Ambassador of Bangladesh to Morocco. He carried out this diplomatic assignment with consummate ease. Upon his return from Morocco after completion of this Ambassadorial assignment, he was placed in the Bangladesh Secretariat.

He became the Secretary to the Government of Bangladesh. He served Ministry with extraordinary leadership skills until he retired from service in 2015. Now, he is a  ‘Co-Founder’ & Managing Partner of Centre for Policy Research, Bangladesh.

In 2018, he was declared the new Member of Parliament (MP), Government of Bangladesh.