The New (Matrix) Method of Economic Analysis

Background: For better understanding the insights of economic activities, IT is smart enough than any other alternative and more powerful tool to calculate the linking relations of social dilemma in the physical world, where every moment people are working, creating new things for humanities. In the world, most of economic, technological, environmental, scientific researches and induce innovations go into separate policy options at business and government mechanism such as:

  • Eliminating poverty by maximum utilization of capacity.
  • Development for higher economic growth or sustainability.

The study shows that some important draw-back in most of researches  process management in the developing countries ( For example, investment in time and money for regenerating or collecting the similar data, unclear research histories and inadequate ideas) lead to improper solutions which are facing the painfully economic questions for sustainability.

Now, we need to adapt the new philosophy to remove the steady weakness for sustainable development, the “New (Matrix) Method of Economic Analysis” needs an application solution which can decrease the continuously spreading number of errors from researches and its services.

Objectives: The following broad objectives:

  • The first objective is to create the application solution for any kind of economic, technological, environmental and scientific researches.
  • The second objective is to introduce the “New (Matrix) Method of Economic Analysis” for senior level management, policy makers (intellectual property, economics and others) so that they can get great help for important economic decisions.

Application: The “New (Matrix) Method of Economic Analysis” can create a revolutionary method for driving new application in “Economic Analysis” in research organizations, universities and others related institutions.

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