The Intellectual Property Development Program


Goal of the IPDP: The primary goal of the Intellectual Property Development Program (IPDP) is to improved Human Resources and WIPO Programme that promotes the Intellectual Property (IP) business in the developing world.

Objective of the IPDP: The objective is to develop an Innovative Industrial Environment (IIE) through establishment of the IPDP in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Geneva, Switzerland and  development and utilization of the outcome of the IPDP in Bangladesh and other LDCs or developing world that will transform the educational system, economic, social and industrial environment in the LDCs or developing countries in the world.

Roles of the IPDP: Human Resources to support the development of the Intellectual Property (IP) business activities in the LDCs or developing world are an important element in this territory. The skill resources of the IPDP will be acquired by the all dimensions, be it with the WIPO programme, development partners or investors, visionary political and business leader of the LDCs or developing world. Basically, the IPDP will render its services on multiplier effect. It will take care of curricula and syllabus and will produce master trainers from university level, develop teaching and training materials, develop R&D skills in the IP business relating to socio-economic context in the world. It will also strive to create opportunities for development partners, investors, academicians, researchers, planners, implementers, visionary political and business leaders of the LDCs or developing world come up in a common Forum. This approach not only will help gradually overcoming their respective deficiencies but also will contribute to international development philosophy and builds new economic, business model and operational mechanism in the LDCs or developing world.

Resources of the IPDP: The development partners, investors, policy makers, visionary leaders, economists, researchers and experts in the field of intellectual property are the key resources of the IP business constitute, the resource pool of the IPDP.

Approach of the IPDP: The IPDP starts the concepts of multiplier effect in transferring skills to various stakeholders through the capacity building activities of IP business in Bangladesh and other LDCs or developing world. In training arena, the IPDP is selective in setting its target groups. The IPDP will produce master trainers who in turn to provide training to their respective target groups and so on. The most important aspect is the development of course curricula and text books for IP business in the developing world that will contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The international IP business domain will get direct benefits from the services of university graduates and world class IP or invention through the IPDP. In order to address such critical issues such as globalization and contemporary capitalization and its overall effects in poor or developing world, the IPDP offers lead role in transition to power of global economic sustainability.

Inputs of the IPDP:

  • Human resources development in the field of Intellectual Property for IP business development in the developing world.
  • Development of textbook and training of the teaching staffs at university level, 
  • Improve the availability of high quality teaching materials for trainers and other resources of the IPDP.
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