Centre for Policy Research, Bangladesh is the Exchange Partner of UN in Bangladesh
Oct 18, 2016
Centre for Policy Research, Bangladesh (CPR, Bangladesh) is the Exchange Partner of UN in Bangladesh since on 18th October 2016. Now, any organization of Bangladesh...


Intellectual Property Development Program

Aims and Aspiration: The primary goal of Intellectual Property Development Programme (IPDP) is to improved Human Resources base that promotes “IP Business” in the developing world. It strives for expansion of knowledge base through networking.

IPDP Bridging Role: Human Resources to support “IP Business” development activities for developing countries are an important element in this arena. Primarily through an approach of skill transfer from all dimensions, be it with social, technological, economic, business, political and institutional front etc. conceptually, IPDP renders its services on multiplier effect. It takes care of curricula and syllabi, produces master trainers from university level, develop teaching and training materials, develop R&D skills in the IP Business relating to socio-economic context at international perspective. It also strives to create opportunities for academicians, researchers, planners, implementers and politician and business leader come up in a common forum. This approach not only helps gradually overcoming their respective deficiencies but also contribute to international development philosophy and builds new tool for economic development.

Resource Pool: The academicians, researchers, implementers, planners, politicians, business leaders, economists, sociologists, engineers and other specialists drawn from a wide range of institutions from across the “IP Business ” constitute the IPDP resource pool.

Strategic Approach: IPDP starts the concepts of multiplier effect in transferring skills to various stakeholders for building capacity in IP business. In training arena IPDP is selective in setting its target groups. IPDP produces master trainers who in turn to provide training to their respective target groups and so on. The most important aspect is the development of course curricula for IP business and development of text book conducive to international context. The IP Business domain gets direct benefits from the services of university graduates and quality IP/ Invention for IP business. In order to address such critical issues such as globalization and contemporary capitalization and its overall effects in poor developing  nation, IPDP offers lead role in transition to power of global economy for humanity.

Strategic Input and Focus:

  • Human resources development for IP business development.
  • Development of textbook and training of teaching staff.
  • Improve the availability of high quality teaching material for trainers and practitioners.
The IPDP needs Finance and Business Partners. Please contact, if you have any offer: Email:
Tel : +88-01819160434