CPR, Bangladesh is the Exchange Partner of UN in Bangladesh
Oct 18, 2016
Centre for Policy Research, Bangladesh (CPR, Bangladesh) is the Exchange Partner of UN in Bangladesh since on 18th October 2016. Now, any organization of Bangladesh...


THE FIRM has been rendering its services under certain Business, Economic and Social objectives of the following provided that:


To carry on the business as the ‘Collective Mark’ of ‘Centre for Policy Research, Bangladesh’ through ‘Technology Licensing’ or ‘Franchising Agreement’

To develop and promote the ‘New (Matrix) Method of Economic Analysis’ in the world.

To develop and promote the IPDP – Intellectual Property Development Program in the world.

To establish an Innovative Industrial Environment (IIE) in Bangladesh and other developing countries in the world.

To promote the IIC – Innovation and Innovator Cell networks in Bangladesh and beyond.

To attain the business objective the firm may enter into Partnership, Joint Venture, Venture Capital, Innovation Management, Technology Transfer, Joint Product Development and Public-Private Partnership.